Lithium Auto Elixirs

Welcome to Lithium Auto Elixirs, Our philosophy:  We do not believe that chemistry is good or bad, or that all “natural ingredients” produce the best results- in every situation. However, over the last two decades, our experience has shown that Nature has an answer...

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Waxing as Therapy

It is amazing what happens when you start with something average and turn it into great—OK, phenomenal. Or when your car is already perfect, and you do all you can to keep it that way. The true spiritual leaders of the world—as well as Mr. Miyagi, have always known,...

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Leather and Hides:

The main thing here is: once again make certain the surface is clean and free of dirt and oils. Remember, you are basically working with skin, Just like your own skin, if you clean it but do not moisturize it, it will get dry and start to crack. And it would be a bit...

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Oils and leather:

We read and hear a lot stating, “oils are the arch enemy of leather, and they should be avoided.” This is both true and false. How can that be, you ask? Well, we will tell you. Body oils usually contain natural bacteria that is bad for leather and need to be cleaned,...

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