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International Expansion!!!!

Bill Crawley

Posted on August 26 2020

International Expansion!!!!

Lithium Panama begins as an idea from 3 auto enthusiasts. We wanted to be different and set the standard for premier auto detailing in the Country.  We wanted to go above and beyond what everybody else was offering.  We just needed a breakthrough product that would align with our ideas and our concept…. And we found Lithium!  If you combine Lithium’s products with Autostudio, the mantra “average is over” becomes a reality.

Our experience was there: we have Andrés, who is an internationally trained detailer and certified Xpel PPF installer. He founded Autostudio in 2017 and quickly became the “go to guy” for high-end detailing in Panama.   On the other hand, Diego and Jairo know the car scene in the country very well.  Diego is a former president of the BWM owners club and Jairo is an active member of the Panama Porsche Club.  It is in this ever-expanding car scene in Panama that Diego creates the Rides and Coffee movement in 2017, bringing together enthusiasts for car meets and charitable events from all over the country under one common goal, and that is that “Cars bring people together”.

Together, Autostudio and Lithium will set the bar in Panama when it comes to detailing, there is no question about it:  Average is over!


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