Are Oils Bad for Leather? Let's look into it!

Are Oils Bad for Leather? Let's look into it!

 We read and hear a lot stating, “oils are the arch-enemy of leather, and they should be avoided.” This is both true and false. How can that be, you ask?

Why Can Body Oils Be Bad for Leather?

Well, we will tell you. Body oils usually contain natural bacteria that is bad for leather and need to be cleaned, as these bacteria will break down surfaces over time. Oils also attract dirt, which is then ground into the leather’s surface or (if the leather is treated) they act abrasively on the surface. Neither is optimal for long life. However, there are pure, light oils, which can bring the leather back to life, such as those found in Shea Butter and Coconuts, which don’t attract these contaminants. Ok, they do to a minimal degree, although the upside they provide to the renewing the leather is far more significant. Skins need these moisturizers, and if you took care to keep them clean and conditioned wiping the excess thoroughly off the surface, your interior will last much, much longer.

What Should I Use to Clean and Condition My Leather?

Lithium Auto Elixirs has been battling the war on leather care for over 20 years ad we have found a couple of things that are important when maintaining the leather in your car, truck, motorcycle, private jet, or even the lounge chair in your house. You need to first clean the leather and use a leather cleaner that is formulated to clean oils, dirt, and other contaminants without drying out the leather. Many products clean leather pretty well but many leave behind a residue that is not too easy to deal with. Our Hide Rehab Leather Cleaner was created to clean leather with natural ingredients all while adding a layer of protection. 

We also know that hydrating the leather in your car is just as important as taking care of your skin when it is dry, itchy, or cracking from the elements, too much son, and age. Using a leather conditioner that hydrates your leather is crucial to your leather not cracking, dry rotting, or fading into oblivion like Thanos snapped his fingers. Our Leather Love leather conditioner is packed with Essential Oils, Vitamin E, a pinch of Bees Wax and more to rejuvenate the most stubborn leather. So for all of your leather cleaning and conditioning needs order today from Lithium Auto Elixirs and see why so many professional detailers YouTubers love our leather care products.

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