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Fore Clay/ Luster Lube


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Clay Bar Kit with Ceramic Clay Lube

The fastest way possible to Healthy, clean, smooth as glass paint is by using a clay bar kit with a good clay lubricant. Fore Clay/Luster Lube is the best when it comes to leaving your paint, chrome, and glass smoother and brighter than the day they rolled off the assembly line. Fore Clay and our Luster Lube clay lube will remove iron, brake dust, sap, and twenty other pollutants.

Anyone can use a clay bar kit - not just the pros

A lot of folks shy away from clay baring their paint, thinking "that is better left to the Pro's." However, it is one of the easiest and most satisfying ways to ensure your paint's continued health. It is a process that only takes a few minutes and should be done before any sealants, waxes, or Ceramics are applied. Ensuring your paint will feel as good as it looks! Our clay bar and clay bar lubricant is the best of both world because we combine a quality clay bar with a ceramic infused clay bar lubricant that can help protect as you are decontaminating your paint. 

What is Fore Clay and Luster Lube?

  • Natural formulation provides more adhesion than synthetic clay
  • No-dye white color makes contaminants and pollutants highly visible
  • No-scratch ultra-fine mixture
  • Si02 infused Luster Lube included
  • 16 ounces of ceramic clay bar lubricant


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