Ignite After Wash
Ignite After Wash
Ignite After Wash
Ignite After Wash
Ignite After Wash

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Ignite After Wash

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Ignite After Wash, conditions and lubricates paint during the drying process- when most scratches occur. 

Ignite contains ingredients that condition and lubricate painted surfaces. Then we threw in a side car of Sio2 and Polymers to make your paint incredibly slick and well protected.  
What this product will do for you: Ignite takes the boring old drying process and turns it into a magical time for both you and your car. While your car is still wet, you spray Ignite across the wet body panels then dry as you usually would. However, what is different this time is your paint in being slathered in conditioners, Si02 and Polymers that stop you from scratching your paint while you dry. Not to mention Lithium Ignite makes soap film a thing of the past. 
The Promise:  When you wake the next morning (giving time to let the Ignite cure) your car will have more shine and slickness than ever before and you will be addicted to using it, which is great because Ignite stacks beautifully and gets better with each use. 
Why you need this Product:
  • Ignite eliminates the need to continually go back around your car to wipe off streaks and residue left behind after washing. Simply spray it on wet surfaces and buff dry.
  • Works amazing on glass, plastic, paint, chrome aluminum. Every surface will glisten while it is protecting your vehicle's paint from the elements.
  • The hydrophobic formula keeps cars looking incredible between washes. Your car will look better than ever after each wash, as Ignite continues to stack after each application adding additional protection every time you wash it.
  • Ignite is just as fast as drying your car with a regular microfiber towel, yet conditions and shines, making your exterior surfaces look and feel healthy.
  • Avoid creating micro-scratches by using Ignite. It contains polymers and lubricants that glide along the surface, adding a protective coating.
This products Super Power: 
One word "Slippery" it makes your microfiber slide across the surface of your paint. Once dry, your fingers will slide off the door, your coffee cup off the roof and dirt will fall to the ground. Ignite is so slick not even light will stick- it will hit the car, bounce back and burn your retinas:)
After washing your car, spray on Ignite while the car is still wet and then dry as normal. For extra credit and increased shine buff lightly afterwards with a clean dry microfiber towel. Ignite also makes a great instant detailer between washes. Just spray and wipe. 
Ignite will reasonably last three to four weeks on highly exposed panels, such as hoods and roofs and several months on side panels. However, that does not matter, as you will love the look of your car so much you will want to use it every time you wash. Which is great because over time it will stack on itself and last longer and longer between uses. 

Our Philosophy

At Lithium we never look at the cost of an ingredient or scrutinize if something can be made cheaper. Our focus has always been on quality results and keeping surfaces healthy.


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