We read and hear a lot stating, “oils are the arch enemy of leather, and they should be avoided.” This is both true and false. How can that be, you ask?

Well, we will tell you. Body oils usually contain natural bacteria that is bad for leather and need to be cleaned, as this bacteria will break down surfaces over time. Oils also attract dirt, which is then ground into the leather’s surface or (if the leather is treated ) they act abrasively on the surface. Neither is optimal for long life. However, there are pure, light oils, which can bring leather back to life, such as those found in Shea Butter and Coconuts, which don’t attract these contaminants. Ok, they do to a minimal degree, although the upside they provide to the renewing the leather is far more significant. Skins need these moisturizers, and if you took care to keep them clean and conditioned wiping the excess thoroughly off the surface, your interior will last much, much longer.

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