Fore Clay/Luster Lube

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They work even better together


We sell them together because they ‘re amazing together. Fore Clay/Luster Lube will leave your paint, chrome, and glass smoother and brighter than the day they rolled off the assembly line. Removes iron, brake dust, sap, and twenty other pollutants.

  • Natural formulation provides more adhesion than synthetic clay
  • No-dye white color makes contaminants and pollutants highly visible
  • No-scratch ultra-fine mixture
  • Si02 infused Luster Lube included

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Wash all surfaces thoroughly. Liberally apply Luster Lube to about a 2- square foot area and apply to Fore Clay as well. Rub Fore Clay lightly over the surface until your paint feels like glass. If in fact the surface is glass, just rub till it feels like your paint. Note: make certain the surface is cool to the touch and heavily lubricated at all times. Buff dry with a clean micro fiber towel. Continuously check Fore Clay for dirt and contaminants and knead when necessary. If you drop Fore Clay to the ground it’s game over so use caution.

Pro Tip: After using Fore Clay/Luster Lube, make sure you properly seal the paint. It will remove all was, coatings and sealants so your paint will need protection.

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2 reviews for Fore Clay/Luster Lube

  1. John

    The little warning on the case that it comes in, wasn’t lying, seriously the stickiest clay I have ever used on my car before.

  2. Zach

    Luster Lube leaves behind an amazing shine!

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