Hyper Cleanse

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The most effective leather, plastic and vinyl cleaner on the planet

Sometimes we take things too far. Although when it comes to having the power to clean and remove practically anything from your cars’ surfaces, can you really go too far? Hyper Cleanse cleans just about anything without using ingredients that will harm the environment or dry out what it cleans.

  • No solvents, yet insanely effective
  • Made for leather, but works just as well on all surfaces
  • Removes most every type of stain
  • Will not leave residue on surface

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Simply spray and wipe dry with a clean damp towel. For really bad stains, allow Hyper Cleanse to remain on the surface for a few minutes, then wipe dry.  As with any cleaning product, please use caution and apply in an inconspicuous test area first.

Pro Tip: If you have a really nasty stain which has defied all of your best efforts, use a hot wet towel and push it down on the stain for about 30 seconds before applying Hyper Cleanse. This will open up the fibers and allow the cleaning agents to better penetrate and remove the stain.

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6 reviews for Hyper Cleanse

  1. R Hinckley

    I’ve been looking for a better cleaning product to wipe down the interior of my car. The last two “major brand” cleaners I’ve tried — one from my local auto parts store and the other from the automotive aisle of a big box store — both seemed to leave a slightly tacky residue on my vinyl and plastic components. I’m also afraid they’ll dry out the leather if used on my seats too often. With Amazon’s quick delivery, I thought I’d try looking online for something more natural or professional. I took a swing on Hyper Cleanse because it promised to be great for leather but still work on everything else too, and I’ve been impressed with it so far. The label says it’s “ultra premium” and it does seem to be higher quality. It leaves the interior surfaces feeling clean and renewed without any sort of residue. Critically, it also feels like it will actually extend the life of my leather seats instead of just coating them with something on the top.

  2. Michael

    Cleans brake dust out of my wheels and stains on carpet and Upholstery, but not to harsh to leave a clean finish on the dash and plastic in the interior. I really like this product.

  3. Kyle

    Awesome product. Works just as described.

  4. Bozena

    This product is Amazing!! it removed every stain from my car interior…

  5. Alexander

    Has worked on every stain I have tried it on, I didn’t love the sprayer.

  6. Jay @ Thin Blue Line Detailing

    As a professional detailer I have used many apc. This is one of the best i have used. It is stong enough to clean well and gentle enough to clean anything. It doesn’t have a chemical smell which is nice and leaves no film . Very versatile and easy to use. Top notch

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