Trim Serum

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Transforms weathered and oxidized trim – rubber and plastic – in seconds

Formulated to reverse the effects of exposure to the elements, Trim Serum penetrates and seals surfaces. The result is rubber and plastic trim that looks new and stays that way. Doesn’t shine or look greasy – simply makes trim look the way it looked when it was brand new.

  • Penetrates the pores in plastics and rubber making them look new
  • Highly concentrated, top-shelf ingredients are never cut or watered down
  • Instantly transforms weathered and oxidized rubber and plastic
  • Protects and keeps all rubber and plastic from drying out, cracking, and oxidizing


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Directions: First clean surfaces with Hyper Cleanse and then apply Trim Serum in small amounts to rubber and plastic trim parts. Allow Trim Serum a few minutes to sit on the surface, then wipe and buff dry with a clean micro fiber towel.

Pro Tip: Let plastic parts warm in the sun for a bit to open pours then pull into the shade and allow to cool – do not apply to hot surfaces. Allow Trim Serum to cure for 24 hours then re-apply, this will put an additional layer of sealing and protecting power and fill in any spots you may have missed.


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5 reviews for Trim Serum

  1. M

    This stuff really brought my plastic trim back to black 5 star!!

  2. Tom D

    This is by far the best product i have ever used. Trust me this stuff is not a gimmick, just try it and see. I am just starting out in detailing and this is my go to. I hope to try the other products when i have some extra cash. I will tell everyone I know about this magic potion.

  3. S.M. (verified owner)

    Trim Serum does what it claims. I used it on my dad’s 17 yr old truck, and the trim looks brand new again. A small amount goes a long way. highly recommend. Would buy again.

  4. ZP

    Expensive but worth it.

  5. Chad Mitchell

    Great product, as a professional detailer, I have tested many and Trim Serum is currently at the top of my go to products. A small amount goes a long way and a bottle will last a diy person along time. Give it a try you will be happy you did!

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