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Seems like good stuff

I used this on my 2007 Dodge Nitro. Lots of black plastic trim parts. Just as they say, a little goes a long way. it definitely made the faded plastic darker almost like new. Only had it on for a few weeks but seems to hold up pretty well. Easy to apply and I love that it works on plastic, rubber and everything in between. Previously I went over my faded trim with a heat gun which "restored" some of the color but kind of left it, just a little bit, streaky (path of the heat gun). I was hoping that the Trim Serum would even that out and it did a little bit but I can still see the pattern from the right angle. I may hit it with the Trim Serum a second time to see if it helps but right now it looks so much better I don't know if I'm going to bother with it. It's a 2007 vehicle. It's looking great for its age especially after the Trim serum treatment. There may be other, better treatments out there but this is the best stuff I have found to date. I will/would recommend to anyone needing to restore their plastic trim. I had excellent results. I only gave 4 stars because it has only been a few weeks and all the vids I watched about this products say you need to treat your trim about twice a year to keep it looking sharp. Right now that it a we'll see.

Damn good

Worked like a dream on my
2017 Jeep.


Trim Serum

Great product and services

Even through distribution issues they have reached out and been super responsive. The products are amazing and the staff has been even better.

No good

The product washed off in first rain. I would recommend cooking oil over this product.