Welcome to Lithium Auto Elixirs, Our philosophy:  We do not believe that chemistry is good or bad, or that all “natural ingredients” produce the best results- in every situation. However, over the last two decades, our experience has shown that Nature has an answer for all its creations, perfection like this takes time, and we truly feel we have something special on our hands.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought “What if I had a giant bottle of Lanolin for the leather in my car…” Ya, we did too! We try to remind ourselves that these are the kind of thoughts that come from “healthy” obsessive behaviors, our families seem to disagree…

We obsess over cars, and over the last couple of years we have perfected a combination of car care elixirs that will change the way you clean your car. We are so confident in our formulas and products that we guarantee that giddy fuzzy feeling your car gets after every wax; if your car isn’t happy with its purchase, we also offer a money back guarantee on all of our products.

Like an 1800’s healer, we have the elixir to meet your cars needs, the question is, are you going to deny your car true happiness?

Lithium is always looking for some screaming testers who like to scream their results to the car care world, sign up here and if you meet our specs, we might shoot you a few bottles to check out: /be-a-lithium-lab-rat/.

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