What Is Mud Slide?

What Is Mud Slide?

Mud Slide Graphene Spray Coating

Insane Surface Protection

At Lithium, you will notice something that sets us apart from other companies. Our line of products is rather small. This is because, well, we are sort of weird about what we make. We simply don't add formulas for the sake of increasing revenue or keeping up with other brands. We only launch new products when we feel we can offer something that adds value or performance to what you can currently buy. If we can't make it the best in the world—what's the point?

Our Graphene Spray Coating is one such product,

meticulously engineered to integrate the breakthrough benefits of graphene to protect any surface and making it "slicker than you know what". Mud Slide is a multi-purpose solution, ideal as top coat & will provide 10 to 12 months worth of water beading and hydrophobic protection. Its versatility is so unmatched, we were actually scared to launch it for fear of how it might decimate our competitors :)



Flawless finish with cutting-edge technology

Utilizing state-of-the-art graphene technology, our detail spray coating offers a streak-free finish with exceptional resistance to U.V light, salt and anything else mother nature can throw your way. Graphene is also known for its resistance to chemicals and provides a level of protection that extends the life luster of any surface it is used on.


Why you need Mud Slide

Graphene is composed of a single layer of carbon atoms in a hexagonal lattice and is known for its strength, flexibility, and conductivity. (Oh wait, who cares!) What you need to know is: When you spray it on, things start to happen. You start feeling younger, you are more attractive to the opposite sex, and your neighbors seethe with envy. Ok, none of that is true. However, it will put a highly protective and hydrophobic layer on your machine that keeps protecting and looking incredible for months.


Mud Slide is releasing on May 6th. 

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