WE WANT TO MAKE THE BEST PRODUCTS IN THE WORLD and to think we can do it without you would be very shortsighted. 

Here is how the L.P.L (Lithium Product lab) works:

Each month, we take our newest product idea and present it to you, our beloved customer. If we Pre-Sell 400 bottles (demonstrating demand) we launch! Then we send you the Limited Run Formula, so you can tell us your thoughts. If we don't sell enough to launch, we will send you a current product that is at least twice the value of the pre-order price. Either way, you win.   So come help us in our quest to change the world.

Product Concept : 2-A | Code Name: Avalanche

COMING SOON - Avalanche

Avalanche was formulated to make any surface it is sprayed on extremely slick. However, it would seem rather boring to stop there. So in true Lithium fashion, we threw in some conditioners and U.V. blockers just for good measure. Use Avalanche on plastic, painted metal, and other non-porous surfaces. It will not only make your ride look great, you can be certain that ain't much is going to stick to it either.

What makes this product different and why should you care? 

Our goal in formulating products is always to achieve specialization, as this leads to the best results. With Avalanche, we wanted to design a product that was slicker than anything. The application is versatile, you can use it on any non-porous surface. The graphene fusion allows it to bond to surfaces. Avalanche repels dirt, water, and mud 30%-50% more than non-coated surfaces.



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