WE WANT TO MAKE THE BEST PRODUCTS IN THE WORLD and to think we can do it without you would be very shortsighted. 

Here is how the L.P.L (Lithium Product lab) works:

Each month, we take our newest product idea and present it to you, our beloved customer. If we Pre-Sell 400 bottles (demonstrating demand) we launch! Then we send you the Limited Run Formula, so you can tell us your thoughts. If we don't sell enough to launch, we will send you a current product that is at least twice the value of the pre-order price. Either way, you win.   So come help us in our quest to change the world.

Product Concept # 1-A Itch Batter

Itch Batter

Itch Batter is a unique blend of ingredients, which will remove light swirling, paint transfers (you know someone else's paint on your car) and minor scratches. This is pretty easily achieved with a D.A. Polisher and some good cutting compound. However, the average person does not have access to these items. Therefore, we needed a formula that would work with an applicator and a little hand power as well. 


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