WE WANT TO MAKE THE BEST PRODUCTS IN THE WORLD and to think we can do it without you would be very shortsighted. 

Here is how the L.P.L (Lithium Product lab) works:

Each month, we take our newest product idea and present it to you, our beloved customer. If we Pre-Sell 400 bottles (demonstrating demand) we launch! Then we send you the Limited Run Formula, so you can tell us your thoughts. If we don't sell enough to launch, we will send you a current product that is at least twice the value of the pre-order price. Either way, you win.   So come help us in our quest to change the world.

Product Concept : 3-A | Code Name: H2N0


H2N0 uniquely squishes together the functionality of a waterless wash, a water spot remover, active amino polymers and a side car of Graphene.We then managed to fit it all into a 16 ounce bottle- ain't science great !! H2-No lubricates so well it eliminates the danger of surface scratching, it also removes the nastiest of water spots without removing the shine. It truly is one of the most versatile products we have ever made.

What makes this product different and why should you care? 

H2No started by fusing Graphene and other lubricants, into a couple of test tubes worth of our best cleaning formula. The results were not bad but not quite up to Lithium standards. So we added some water spot removers, threw in some active amino polymers and went to sprayin.. Shazam! A water spot free, super clean, amazingly shiny surface, with zero scratching.

If you have any questions or comments please give us a call or text at 801-750-9997.



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