The Best Way To Clean Your Tires.

The Best Way To Clean Your Tires.

Why do tires turn brown?

Tires bloom because antiozonants rise to the surface of the rubber through heat and centrifugal force.  As this Antiozonant comes into contact with oxygen, it leaves a brown residue on the surface of the tire. However, Antiozonants are not bad as a matter of fact they are organic and help tires last longer as it slows deterioration due to oxidation. Making it possible to manufacture long-lasting high-mileage tires. The tire is manufactured in a way that allows this element to pass through to the surface of the tire wall, thus continuingly to provide the rubber with its benefits. As a result, the tire remains pliable and resistant to Ultraviolet rays and Oxygen for a longer time.

Nonetheless, once it has hit the sun it has basically reached the end of its life and it is time to remove it

Mold Releases:

Mold releases used in making tires will not make tire sidewalls turn brown (unless the Mold release is burned in the process). However, they contribute to the issue as they keep antiozonant on the surface of the tire. And the more of it is left on the surface of the tire structure, the more the oxidation will take place and leave the brown residue.

The Best Method for making your tires black again:

Thoroughly cleaning and protecting the tires are the two ways that will help you cope with tire blooming. It’s best if you do both to achieve desired results. Tire dressing really doesn't help the problem much, so you need to use a good rubber conditioner and sealer with ingredients that will remove the spent Antiozonants. Lithium's Wheely Great will return your tires to Black and seal and condition the rubber to keep Antiozonants off the surface. This means your tires will look like they did when they left the showroom.

The Best way to clean your car tires:

Your tires take more abuse than any other component of your car and are responsible for a great deal of its safety on the road as well. So take care of them using these methods.

  1. Clean the tires and rims with a Medium brush to remove most of the dirt and debris.
  2. Wash and rinse the tires with a soap such as Double Tap Soap. More than a shameless plug Double Tap is infused with essential oils that help keep tire side walls soft and conditioned. Hit them with a scrub brush.
  3. While the tire is still wet spray on some Wheely Great and wipe down with a microfiber towel. 
  4. Remember, that you don't need to go through all these steps all the time, as Wheely Great will work really great by itself. However, a good seasonal cleaning and reboot will make things last even longer. 
  5. Wheely Great will not harm your rims and we actually use it all the time for that purpose. Just buff off the excess with a clean Microfiber.

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