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Our journey into the world of detailing is both unique and yet familiar. It wasn't our initial plan to sell our products; our passion simply resided in the world of automobiles. We adored cars - showcasing them, driving them, collecting them; hell, we loved just talking about them. But what truly ignited our spirits was the transformation of ordinary cars into extraordinary ones. When your heart is set on this kind of passion, you inevitably encounter challenges. More often than  not, we couldn’t find products that performed to the level of our aspirations. So we came up with our own formulas. We never thought about the cost (we were only making enough for the job at hand) All we cared about was getting the absolute best results.

As it happened, we fell in love with the art of mashing molecules and scouring the world for the most promising and innovative ingredients to craft exceptional products. To be honest, we stumbled more times than we succeeded - formulas too thick or thin, products stubbornly adhering to paint, and, yes, instances where they even stripped away the paint itself. However, over the course of two decades, amidst a trail of ruined kitchen pots and a myriad of other mishaps, we found our rhythm. We discovered what worked, what was just ‘eh’, and what was unequivocally a no-go. Cost remained secondary because our unwavering pursuit was always the attainment of exceptional results.

Our story hasn't veered much from those early days. We still scare our accountants with our relentless pursuit of the "what's possible." But what has changed is our realization that we are not alone in this endeavor. We discovered that there are countless thousands of individuals just like us (a somewhat scary revelation) who want the satisfaction of knowing they have the means to elevate their ride to the next level. And that's precisely why we continue to do what we do every day, with a smile on our faces, knowing that we can contribute to that satisfaction and pursue our deepest passion. There are certainly worse ways to pay the rent.

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