Should You Clay Bar Your Car

Should You Clay Bar Your Car

January 2024

Should You Clay Bar Your Car?

Is Clay Bar good for your car?

Welcome to the world of clay barring, a not-so-secret weapon in the arsenal of car detailing that can elevate your vehicle from 'just clean' to 'showroom spectacular'. But beware, fellow car enthusiasts, this isn't your average soap-and-water affair. Using a clay bar is an art, a delicate dance between car, clay, and the driver's will to fight off every speck of grime. To clay bar a car you need to understand the correct way to do it, and you will never worry about hurting your car.

What is a clay bar used for?

A clay bar is used for lifting away all the tiny contaminants that have decided your car's paint is the new hip place to hang out.

Imagine your car's paint is like your face, and the clay bar is like that fancy exfoliating scrub. Just as the scrub removes dead skin and dirt to leave your face smooth and fresh, the clay bar glides over your car's paint, picking up all the microscopic party crashers like industrial fallout, brake dust, and tree sap that washing alone can't get rid of.

What is the Best Clay Bar Kit?

We highly recommend our clay bar kit, Luster Lube and Fore Clay Fore- Clay is made from natural Volcanic mud and contains no dyes or fillers. The Natural white color allows you to see when it is time to knead the clay or replace it.  Luster Lube is a Si02-based lubricant that will not only protect your paint but leave an incredible shine every time you use it. 

Does a clay bar remove scratches?

When it comes to scratches, the clay bar steps back. It's not designed to fix or fill in scratches. If your car's paint has been scratched, the clay bar will glide right over them, leaving them as untouched as a treadmill in a donut shop.

For scratches, you'll need to dive into the world of polishing or touch-up paints, depending on the severity. Polishing can help minimize the appearance of light scratches, kind of like buffing out scuffs on a dance floor. Deeper scratches might require touch-up paint, which is more like a careful paint-by-numbers project on your car's canvas.

How often should I use a clay bar?

If your car is rarely driven, claying twice a year should suffice. Think of it as a spring cleaning and a pre-winter prep. This routine keeps the paint feeling smoother than a silk shirt on a Saturday night.

However, if your car is a daily driver and faces the harsh realities of the road, like construction areas or industrial fallout, you might want to up the ante to every three months. It's like giving your car a spa day after it's run a marathon.

And here's a pro tip: Always do a quick "bag test" before deciding to clay. Just put your hand in a plastic bag and gently rub it over the surface of the paint. If it feels rougher than a bad morning after a night out, it's time to break out the clay bar. If it's smooth, you can hold off and let your car enjoy its current state of cleanliness.




Written by Bill Crawley

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