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Detailing Brushes


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Griptonite Premium Detailing Brushes.


Using detail brushes can be a slippery business, so we designed a better one. Our brushes feature ergonomic handles covered in GRIPTONITE. The wetter and sudsier they get, the more they grip your hand.

  • We love Natural Brushes for doing light interior jobs, where the bristles collect the dust and never scratch delicate surfaces (so we included two of them for you)
  • We also love Synthetic Brushes for doing tough, dirty jobs where chemicals may be involved; these brushes will stand up to the harshest environments you can dream of. (so we include two of those)
  • Nobody likes to lose hair, so all Lithium Detail brushes utilize a stainless steel cup that grips the bristles like no other and last for years.
  • Lithium detail brush kits come with a super tough waterproof reusable case, so they all stay in one place and are ready when you are. 

The Premise:


Provide a complete set of brushes that will cover all your detailing needs. A set that comes with two synthetic brushes for more delicate interior jobs and two Natural Boar's hair for heavier exterior work. Then make the grips a out of a soft rubber blend that are easy to grip and come up with a cleaver name for above mentioned handles "Griptonite" then put all them in a highly durable and handy carrying case which will keep them in great shape and always easy to locate. 


Why You need Griptonite detailing brushes:


Well we are not sure that you do need them.. Oh wait a minute everyone needs a good set of brushes in their arsenal of detailing tools and if you are going to the trouble of buying a set, you might as well own the best! The best part is with Lithium's UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY it will be the last set of brushes you will ever need.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

The brushes are great.

Great set

This brush set is awesome. They look so good you’ll almost not want to use them. They are not all looks though, as they work and perform on point as well. After using these, it will be hard to pick up any other brushes.

The Griptonite Brush Set is Awesome! The case was a great

Love the grip on the handles and the Awesome grip texture on the handles!

Brushes Rock

Received the brush set.
First impressions was the the case . A super nice case to store the brushes in. Next was the handles feel the quality of the handles in your hands . So much better than the cheap sets you find on Amazon .
Finally the bristles . Have used the. 1 time had 1 maybe 2 small bristles fall out on the door panel . I can deal with that . The soft ones work perfect around emblems on the ext for those hard to reach areas. Super soft so don’t worry about scratching the paint !

Best on the market?

This brush set can quite possibly be the best on the market today. The set has two SUPER soft brushes (large and small) that are so soft they whisper the dirt off your surfaces before it knows what hit it. There's two "harder" bristled brushes (large and small) that will throw the dirt out like a disgruntled bouncer during happy hour. Super nice case to hold them all in order and so you don't lose them in the garage of mayhem. The handles are ergonomic, which nobody cares about, so instead I'll say it feels like your'e holding onto the brushes like a teenager holds on to the hope of dating the blonde in the back of the class. Grippy. Good feel. To say they feel of "quality" is an understatement and they beat EVERY one of those Amazon or other boutique brands you've already seen on youtube's other car care channels. This set will now replace every other brush set I have and I would gladly pay 50 bucks for brushes this nice.