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Leather Love


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The Best Leather Conditioner & Lotion for Cars


With a higher viscosity blend and added ingredients, this intense rejuvenation will make your leather “look away from the light” and come back to life. Made specifically for dehydrated/damaged leather. Leather Love conditioner provides an overload of essential oils and a touch of Bees’ Wax to deep condition both new and old leather.

Why Use a Deep Conditioning Leather Conditioner & Lotion

If it has been a minute since your hides have had any love, Leather Love will re-kindle the magic between you and your leather interior. Use this product once a month to soften and re-hydrate leather, just like putting lotion on your skin. Leather Love is formulated with the finest and most nourishing ingredients available, that will leave your leather softer and more hydrated than ever before.

  • Natural ingredients feed and hydrate the most neglected leather
  • Lanolin which keeps leather soft and protected
  • Essential Oils to bring even the worst leather back to life
  • Bees’ Wax and Vitamin E to moisturize and protect

The premise of Leather Love:

Produce an Ultra-Premium high viscosity balm- that will moisturize and rejuvenate neglected and dry leather. Packed into one 8 ounce tin, Leather Love will increase the life of any thing leather,  car seats, dashboards, motorcycle seats, saddlebags, you name it.

This Products Super Power:

Who doesn't want a something that will "Fix"  your bad choices and bring your seats back from the dead? It is some heavy stuff, which makes conditioning your leather extremely satisfying. Whether you have an Italian supercar, a winning show car, or a family sedan, that you just want to reward for it's years of good service..

What to Expect from Leather Love: 

Leather Love is filled with incredibly healthy and powerful ingredients, designed to hydrate and moisturize dried out leather. If you have let the care of your hides go for way to long it may take several applications of Leather love spread out over a few days. Your leather with be much softer, far more healthy and look tons better than it has in years. 

What Leather Love will not do: 

It will not magically repair cracks in leather, nor will it replace lost dyes and pigments which are used to color the leather when it was new. All of which would still be there had you used leather Love from the beginning. Think of it like putting a deep moisturizer on your skin. It will look much better and healthier, but will not remove freckles or age spots. However, using the moisturizer over time will undoubtedly make your skin look and feel much better.  

Leather Love will condition, soften, and revitalize neglected leather, preventing cracks and fading. However, superpowers are one thing- but it cannot heal or repair existing cracks, although they will be far less noticeable. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

have used according to directions appx, 5 times now, let it soak in warm car for longer than recommended, (2-3 hours) and leather is not really getting softer. will continue treatment till can runs out

robert bauguess
Best of Best

everything ive used is top of the line there is no comparison, in my opinion and i think the best

used it and results were awesome and above my expectations

Kenneth Feher

Leather Love

Fred M
Leather Love

This is fabulous stuff. I thought that my BMW which I pre-ordered with special leather interior was in nice shape until I used LL "just to keep ahead of it".
My oh my. Now the leather is so bright and supple. I had forgotten just how nice it was when new.
I can't wait to apply it again just to see how much softer it can get.

Willie Pest

Leather Love