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Hyper Cleanse


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The Best Leather Cleaner & All Purpose Detailer



Sometimes we take things too far. Although, when it comes to having the power to clean and remove practically anything from your cars’ surfaces, including leather! can you really go too far? Hyper Cleanse all-purpose cleaner cleans just about anything without using ingredients that will harm the environment or dry out what it cleans.

Why Use Hyper Cleanse All-Purpose Cleaner

Hyper Cleanse is the go-to product and leather cleaner of many professional detailers and many gearheads. It was initially formulated as a leather cleaner that would get deep into the cracks and remove the nastiest of stains and grime without drying out the hides or leaving white stains or residue. However, over the years, we (and just about everyone else) started using it on carpet, vinyl, tires, anywhere they wanted an ultra-clean surface without any residue.  

  • No solvents, yet insanely effective
  • Made for leather, but works just as well on all surfaces
  • Removes most every type of stain
  • Will not leave residue on the surface

The Premise of Hyper Cleanse:

A residue-free all-purpose cleaner that won't dry out the surface and smells great in a 16-ounce bottle of clean!

Hyper Cleanse Super Power is Cleaning Anything on Your Car: 

If Hyper Cleanse had a costume, there would be a giant "V" on the front for Versatility. OK, let's make that a "V.E" for Effectiveness as well.  

Expectations of our All Purpose & Leather Friendly Cleaner:

Hyper Cleanse will provide hours of satisfying Spot cleaning of everything in your car and house.