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Seal and Squeal


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Ceramic Paint Sealant & Polish

If we had to choose only one product Seal and Squeal ceramic sealeant would be it!

Formulated around a foundation of Active Amino Polymers, Seal and Squeal bonds to paint surfaces – almost to the point of being needy and weird. It’s one sealant that lasts and lasts. In fact, one application will reasonably last up to six months!

However, this is Lithium, and we demand more from our products than the average company-far more! With that being our goal, we added in some mild polishing agents that feed on oxidation and bring a level of shine that makes other sealants stand there and blush (that is if they had legs, which they don't.)

Why Seal and Squeal Ceramic Sealant & Polish is So Good

  • Seal and Squeal gobbles up oxidation and adds shine to surfaces like no other
  • Transforms and protects better than any paint sealant product we’ve ever used
  • Cuts through oxidation and “dead” paint with light polishing agents
  • Si02 mashed together with Amino Polymers will withstand lots of abuse
  • Highly slick and Hydrophobic – lasts for months

The Premise About Our Ceramic Paint Sealant:

A sealant that not only protects like a pissed off German Shepard - but adds a level of shine that has crashed many a gloss meter. 

This Products Super Power is Ease of Use & Durability:

Seal and Squeal is here to Seal and Protect all painted surfaces. Make your neighbors squirm with envy. Come on; you know that would be fun...

What should you expect from Seal and Shine: 

Seal and Squeal ceramic liquid sealant will last for up to six months in the harshest environments and even longer in milder climates. It will also lightly polish away dullness and remove light oxidation, then shine like the sun. It is perfect for bringing old paint back to life without hours and hours of work or protecting your fine German Autobahn cruiser from the elements so it looks like new for many years.



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