Ignite After Wash Ceramic Drying Aid
Ignite After Wash Ceramic Drying Aid
Ignite After Wash Ceramic Drying Aid
Ignite After Wash Ceramic Drying Aid
Ignite After Wash Ceramic Drying Aid

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Ignite After Wash Ceramic Drying Aid

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IGNITE After Wash Ceramic Drying Aid

Here’s a dirty little secret (literally): most micro scratches on a paint’s surface occur during the drying phase of a car wash. Ignite ceramic drying aid contains lubricants, polymers, and a sidecar of Si02  that will help prevent this from happening. A drying aid agent adds lubrication to your paint as you dry with your favorite towel. This lubrication removes the friction of water and reduces the chance of scratching and swirling your paint.

While your paint is still wet, you spray Ignite across the body panels then dry as you usually would. However, what is different this time is; that your paint is being slathered in conditioners, Si02, and Polymers. These ingredients will stop you from scratching your paint and make soap film a thing of the past. Ignite takes the boring old process of drying and turns it into a magical time for both you and your car.

Why you need this drying aid product: 

  • Ignite provides a shield of lubricants and polymers that help prevent micro scratching.
  • Ignite will make drying your car extremely fast and easy.
  • Fused with conditioners and Si02 (ceramic) Ignite will make your paint Shine like the Sun.
  • Leaves an extremely slick and hydrophobic surface, which keeps your car clean between washes.
  • Extremely easy to use, spray on wet paint and dry with your favorite drying towel.
  • This drying aid goes a long way - one or two sprays per panel and you are all set!

Our Philosophy

At Lithium we never look at the cost of an ingredient or scrutinize if something can be made cheaper. Our focus has always been on quality results and keeping surfaces healthy.


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