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Ceramic Slam


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Ceramic Spray Coating

If you're like us, you love your car- and making it insanely beautiful is almost as fun as driving it. Ceramic Slam lets you take things to the next level in protection and shine.

Our goal was to make it FAST, EASY, AND MISTAKE PROOF- Spray it on, Buff it off and let it cure, it's that easy. Once cured, you can repeat the same process as many times as you like- it will stack nicely and ad more depth and protection.

Ceramic Slam repels water like no other and reduces dust while protecting your finish from bird doo-doo, road salt, and other contaminants. The arch-enemy of hybrid SIO2 sprays is high PH soaps. Ceramic Slam is a true Ceramic spray coating and laughs in the face of these cleaners.

True ceramic spray coatings don't leave a chalky residue and are great for both glass and plastic surfaces, creating a hard, Hydrophobic, and protective coating.


The premise of Ceramic Slam Spray Coating

Produce a true ceramic coating that is ultra-easy to use and virtually mistake proof. Which will provide months of protection and a mind-blowing shine and depth.

This Products Super Power.

Ceramic Slam is The Anti Magneto- it repels everything, except for shine. Making every surface stay cleaner, longer, and when it is time to wash, it is super quick and easy.


It will last for 8 to 12 months, depending on the season (winter will be less). You might be thinking, "everyone else is promising years," Just remember- promising and delivering are two very different things. Ceramic spray coatings offer an incredible shield between your car's paint and the elements. And it wasn't long ago that you had to pay a professional upwards of $1,200. to gain the benefits it had to offer. Ceramic Slam now makes it possible to do it yourself and get professional results!

Ceramic Spray Coating Directions:

Pre-wash all the surfaces you will be coating with a high PH soap (such as Dawn) . Now run your hand along the paint, if it feels rough and scratchy you will want to clay bar the surface. As you do not want to apply this ceramic coating over rough paint, chrome, plastic, or glass. Also, a clean surface will ensure the best environment for proper adhesion.

Apply Ceramic Slam to a clean microfiber towel or applicator and spread on about a 2 square foot area in the direction the wind passes over the paint. Then make another pass in the opposite direction, creating a crosshatch pattern.

Allow product to cure approximately 2 Minutes then buff with a clean microfiber towel to an insane shine.

Ceramic coatings can occasionally be tricky. If by chance you over apply the product in an area -and you see a bit a streaking no worries just wipe it with a wet microfiber and they will flatten and disappear.

Ceramic Slam is extremely "stack-able" which means, you can add additional coats to increase durability and protection.  Just allow at least 8 hours between applications. With a single coat, you can anticipate 6 to 8 months of extreme protection. Two coats of our ceramic spray coating will give your paint a shield which will last 8 to 12 months.

Note: Make certain the surface is cool to the touch when applying. It is recommended not to apply in direct sunlight This product dries extremely hard.

What is Ceramic Spray?

Seems like a cut and dry question. However, the answer to this can actually get a bit squishy. As ceramic sprays come in a number of variations and concentrations. The ceramic coatings and sprays with the highest concentrations are usually applied by a professional and can be somewhat intimidating as a DIY project. These concentrated ceramic coatings have a very high percentage of solids and Si02 and a smaller percentage of polymers, making the margin of error when applying them, fairly slim. Therefore, we decided to take a different direction when we formulated Ceramic Slam. Don't get us wrong, we love the benefits of ceramic coatings and the fact that they last for months. However, we also love to do things ourselves, which brings us almost as much joy as the $900.00 to $1,000 dollars we save when using our ceramic spray coatings.

Ceramic Spray That is Easy to Use & Durable

We set out to formulate a ceramic product that was super easy to use - but it had to last, and provide results worthy of our aspirations, and yours. After countless formulas and applications (about 106, but who's counting:) we came to the conclusion that reducing the concentration of Sio2 made applying the formula and removing it super easy. However, what about longevity, well there in lied the problem. This approach yielded us about 4 to 6 months of protection “tops”. Even though the shine was incredible, we didn't consider this a win.  

Spray Ceramic Coatings in Layers for Added Durability

The 'Aha moment' came when someone at the office was painting a set of old rims in the test lab and started commenting on how "painting is a pretty good metaphor for what we do" and that putting on two light coats of paint is far more durable than one heavy coat. The reason being: there is bonding happening at two levels, acting as a shield over a shield. With this inspiration fresh in our heads, we started stacking this easy to use to ceramic spray formula. Basically, applying one coat, allowing it to cure, then applying a second coat. With this method, we were able to achieve about a 48% increase in longevity.

Now we had a ceramic formula that was easy to use, superhydrophobic, and provided nearly 9 months of protection. Not to mention it could be executed by anyone who could spray a bottle. All for about $7.00 per application.

What is the Best Way to Apply a Ceramic Spray?

Ceramic is an incredibly hard substance (hence why it works so well) so anyone with the mind to use their newfound 'Super Power' would be wise to follow the Lithium "3 to 6 - P" Rule. Why all rules start with "P's" we have no idea but stay with us. They are as follows  "Proper Paint Preparation" eliminates the chance for "Piss Poor Performance". Pardon our language but it was so clever we couldn't help ourselves.

Start by running your hand along the surface of your paint. If it feels rough and scratchy, that is the result of contaminants such as, metal shavings, brake dust, tree sap, etc. embedding its way into your paint. The last thing you want to do is shellac over the top of this stuff. So take the extra 20 or so minutes needed to clay bar the surface first. If you chose to forego this step, the surface must be washed at a minimum. We are big fans of chemical decontamination like an iron remover or all-purpose cleaner so that is also a good step in preparing your paint for the ceramic spray coating

Now that the surface of your vehicle’s paint is smoother than glass and you are feeling quite satisfied with what you have achieved, it is time to let the slamming commence! Work the ceramic spray in about a 2' X 2' area at a time, as you get better, you can expand your reach. Liberally spray Ceramic Slam spray coating on a cool surface, then use a clean microfiber towel and spread it in a crosshatch motion, first vertically, then horizontally, to make sure you do not miss any surface area. Allow the product to remain on the vehicle's surface for a few minutes, then buff it out with a clean microfiber towel. Spray the ceramic coating on the entire car in this manner.  Avoid the temptation to spray additional coats of ceramic spray on an area until it has cured for a couple of hours. If you get high spots which look a bit like streaking, no worries just let sit on the surface for a few minutes, then flatten them out with a damp microfiber towel.

Note: as the product cures it will have even more shine. After allowing the surface to cure for about 6 to 8 hours you can repeat the process for added protection.

There you have it, Ceramic Coatings 101 "Defined and Applied Course". Now it’s your turn.

Customer Reviews

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Took forever

I don’t know why it took so long to get o haven’t even used it yet. Can some one get back with me. I want to know of you just can use it or if some sort of prep work is needed. My car of New just bought out two weeks ago.


Ceramic Slam


After 14 day I am still waiting to receive my order. Tracking shows order has yet to ship.

Totally awesome shine

Just finished using the clay bar along with the lube, very easy to use. Finished off with the ceramic slam. Car looks amazing. Great products.

Stunning, smoother than glass finish!

I own a 5 year old Ford Explorer Platinum (purchased new), as well as several other vehicles, live in the rust belt of the midwest, work in construction and my vehicle endures snow, salt, sand, slush, mud from construction sites, freezing cold winter and baking hot summertime temps.
This is one rough environment for vehicles, and keeping them clean, rust free and looking new requires a diligent, ongoing process to keep them looking good. I take better care of my vehicles than most, it is a labor of love for me, almost a contest to see how long I can keep my vehicles looking showroom new for as long as possible.
That being said, I have tried just about every car care product on the market...some good to very good, but most are snake oil products that are sub-par at best.
When I learned of the ceramic coating process, the only way to get it was to have it done 'professionally', costing at least $1000 and up (depending on the condition of the vehicles paint), to upwards of $3000, sometimes more.
When consumer ceramic coatings became more available, I was excited to try them, with wildly varying results.
They have gotten better over time, but professional solutions (the products that worked the best) were only available through commercial vendors that were not readily available to most DIY consumers.
Some worked good, but none worked great...they were more like a high performance wax or glaze, but didn't offer the look, feel, and protection of the commercial quality products.
I read a small blip article about Lithium products, and thought I would give them a try, as I had tried just about everything else.
After pouring through their website, I started small, with the purchase of Ceramic Slam and Inner Space.
My Explorer was already prepped, washed, clayed, washed, color corrected (I use Meguiars D300 DA Microfiber Correction Compound), washed and awaiting the ceramic coating.
Following the instructions, the application and removal was a breeze!...And the results are literally outstanding! After 24 hour curing time, the finish actually looks wet, and it is the smoothest surface you could ever run you hand over...hands down.
Also the Inner Space cleaner is another win! Cleans, makes interiors look great, natural, showroom looking and it smells great too!
I was so impressed, I immediately ordered more products that interested me...Hide Rehab leather cleaner/conditioner, Color Crush detailer, Ignite After Wash, and Double Tap car wash...received and used them all.
Very, very happy with each and every product!
The only fault I have with Lithium at this time is that I wasn't able to post pictures...especially the before and after pics, because anyone can write reviews, and many times the reviews are from the manufacturer or vendor themselves. And for that reason I was originally sceptical about the claims of Lithium's products, but the original cost outlay was low enough that I could take the hit if it were not a reputable company.
I sent Lithium an e-mail after my first 2 products arrived and I got a chance to use them. I do plan on sending them before and after pics of my vehicle to them and hope that they can find a way to integrate them into their website. I think that would greatly improve sales for them and spread the word about their products....just my honest opinion.
I hope in the future that Lithium will offer larger sized quantities for businesses, body shops and detail shops.......They have great, honest products that do what they claim, and they need to reach out far and wide to the car enthusiasts that are in every corner of this country!
I am proud to promote their products (as I have already done) because what they claim are EXACTLY the results you will achieve.
And just a side note from me, personally...
Lithium's products all are printed on the label, to the left side of the UPC symbol, "FORMULATED AND PRODUCED IN THE U.S.A" right next to a picture of the flag of our great U.S.A.
Not some bullshit made in China or other bullshit country...but right here by Americans, that know what Americans want.
Great job guys and gals of Lithium, you should be proud of your products...honest and domestic.
No bullshit from this company, just great American products that excel and do what they promise.
This company reminds me of when I was a kid, when America was patriotic and proud, when "Made in Taiwan" was total crap while "Make in Japan" was an exceptional product, anything made of plastic was total garbage, and people actually respected and cared for each other, and was willing to help their friends and neighbors succeed.
I love your products, want you to succeed, and wish you the best of luck getting the word out to every car enthusiast out there about your products!
Take care,
Steve Meyer