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Inner Space


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Inner Space Interior Conditioning Spray

You may of hear us say this before (like one million times) our primary goal is and always has been to make surfaces healthy. Because when your healthy the rest just falls into place. And, a point of clarification we have never envisioned  a "healthy look"  as shiny and oily- but instead, more natural and new. You know like the day it rolled off the assembly line, clean dry and looking incredible. 

A short list of what Inner Space will do for you and your car.   

  • MAKES SURFACES HEALTHY - NOT SHINY - As with all Lithium Products- our primary objective is to MAKE SURFACES HEALTHIER. Inner Space interior detailer conditions and protects the interior of your car, while making it look and smell like new without the shiny finish that cheaper products use. Our matte finish interior conditioning formula sets our interior detailer apart form the rest of the pack. 
  • SHOWROOM FRESH - Our Groundbreaking Formula makes interiors look like they did in the showroom; natural, hydrated, and supremely clean.
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION - Inner Space interior detailer will help bring back interiors that need a bit of love and keep new vehicles looking that way. Lithium Inner Space contains conditioners and U.V. Shields which protect and enhance.
  • HIGHEST GRADE INGREDIENTS AVAILABLE- At Lithium, we NEVER take shortcuts when it comes to the ingredients we use in our products. They are simply the best available at any price.
  • BACKED BY LITHIUM"S UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY - It will be the best interior detailing products you have ever used, or we will promptly refund your money. No questions, No Whining, No kidding..

This Products Super Power: 

Imagine being able to fly next to the sun because your body was impervious to it's deadly U.V. rays and they simply bounced off. Or some Evil Villain trying to soak you with bacteria laden body oils (gross) but they just rolled off. Imagine never aging but always looking fresh and new. Now there's a power we can all get behind. Well all this possible for your interior, once you have conditioned it with Inner Space.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Made My Interior Look New!

I have a nine year old car. The interior is in decent shape, I used other products, but Inner Space lives up to what's written on the label. It really did make the interior of my car look showroom new. You can't go wrong with this product. Get a bottle today

Finally an interior cleaner that works exactly the way it should, period

When I first discovered Lithium products, I was apprehensive and only ordered 2 products to give them a try, the Ceramic Slam and the Inner Space cleaner.
If you read my review on the Ceramic Slam, you know that I have A LOT faith in this somewhat little known company after applying the ceramic coating.
Wonderful product, can't say enough about the results...
But the Inner Space cleaner was a different animal.
To me, most vehicle interior cleaning products fall into 3 categories...
1-An overpriced waste of money, which does practically nothing. You would be better off using soap and water.
2-Harsh chemical cleaners, advertised as vehicle interior cleaners, that literally strip the plastics and vinyls of their protective components that give the surfaces the natural showroom look that you are trying to achieve.
3-The oily, dust collecting messes touted as interior 'cleaners' and 'conditioners'. You know the products....the exaggerated oily looking shine that attracts any and all dust and dirt particles that are not only annoying but in the right conditions, actually blind you with the 'shine', when you need to see traffic the most....
Inner Space is different...I'm not a chemist, so I don't know why that is, and I really don't care why that is.
All I know is that this product does an amazing job of removing dirt and grime, while leaving the plastic and vinyl surfaces as close to showroom condition as you can get. No chemical stripping, no nasty, greasy finish.
Just a clean surface that looks as good as a new car should, with a nice smell to boot!
It also does a great job of hiding scuffs and scratches...maybe not 100%, but as close as your going to get without replacing the part with a new one...a definite plus in my eyes!
Thanks guys and gals at Lithium for another wonderful product that I will be using a long time!

Inner Space Protects Space

Another excellent product - I tested Inner Space on a pool table cover first. If you want to tone down the shine, wipe with a heavy hand. If you desire more shine add several coats. Again this goes the distance, looks nice when finished.

Inner Space by Lithium

This product is fabulous! I used it on my seven year old VW GTI and the interior looks like new. Even the leather seats look better. Great product

Absolutely Stunning!!

Inner space is simply amazing! Spray on, wipe off, and enjoy the new looking fruits of your labor. I am one of those who prefers sheen over shine and inner space showed me just how much sheen it could pull out of my trucks interior even though I had gone longer then usual on a maintenance clean.
This is now my go to for interior work!