Slick Suds: Graphene Infused Car Shampoo
Slick Suds: Graphene Infused Car Shampoo
Slick Suds: Graphene Infused Car Shampoo
Slick Suds: Graphene Infused Car Shampoo

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Slick Suds: Graphene Infused Car Shampoo

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This product is part of the Lithium LAB program. Will ship separately once we reach the 400 bottle goal.

Here is how the L.P.L (Lithium Product lab) works:
Each month, we take our newest product idea and present it to you, our beloved customer. If we Pre-Sell 400 bottles (demonstrating demand) we launch! Then we send you the Limited Run Formula, so you can tell us your thoughts. 
If we don't sell enough to launch, we will send you a current product that is at least twice the value of the pre-order price. Either way, you win.   

Product Concept: 3-B

Code Name: Slick Suds

Intended use: 

Graphene-infused soap is designed to make everything you wash look and feel slick. This is what makes it UNIQUE.

Concept Brief:

Dirt and grime are a plague within the car community. Nobody likes a dusty car. That's why we created Slick Suds: a proprietary blend of an extremely effective pH-neutral soup and graphene oxide. This results in surfaces that remain clean longer and repel heavy build-ups. 

What makes this product different and why should you care? 

There are an infinite number of car soaps on the market, so why choose Slick Suds? Because we formulated this incredible soap to:

  • Have unmatched cleaning power. It will cut through even the toughest dirt and grime.
  • Give you residue-free rinsing. It rinses quickly and cleanly, leaving a factory-new look.
  • With a PH-neutral base. This is suitable for plastics and paints alike.

Slick Suds is perfect for use in a foam cannon or bucket. It is perfect for cars of all makes and models. If you have any questions or comments please give us a call or text at 801-750-9997.


When you are as crazy about your reputation for making incredible products as we are, you don't take launching new formulas lightly. As only about One in 50 things we experiment with and blend actually shows any promise. Even though "Skepticism was running high at the lab regarding this product. Although, the actual results were amazing"


Our Philosophy

At Lithium we never look at the cost of an ingredient or scrutinize if something can be made cheaper. Our focus has always been on quality results and keeping surfaces healthy.


We 100% stand behind everything we sell. If you're not fully satisfied we will make it right.

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We are happy to help you via email or in person with one of our detailing experts. Please call 801-750-9997 or email or on our live web chat.

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