Slick Suds: Graphene Infused Car Shampoo
Slick Suds: Graphene Infused Car Shampoo
Slick Suds: Graphene Infused Car Shampoo
Slick Suds: Graphene Infused Car Shampoo
Slick Suds: Graphene Infused Car Shampoo
Slick Suds: Graphene Infused Car Shampoo
Slick Suds: Graphene Infused Car Shampoo

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Slick Suds: Graphene Infused Car Shampoo

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Slick Suds: Ultimate Graphene-Infused Car Shampoo

The Lab with a Difference


Our lab isn't your typical sterile environment. Sure, we've got the wet bar and karaoke machine, but what truly sets us apart is our attitude. Despite our colorful ascots, we're united by a passion for making surfaces healthy and keeping them that way. That's why we weren't content with just creating the world's best soap. We wanted more. So, we infused our formula with incredible lubricants, conditioners, and (drum roll, please) Graphene Oxide. This combination offers unparalleled protection, hydrophobic properties, and the slickest shine on the planet.


Revitalize & Maintain Any Surface

Slick Suds tackles and eliminates harmful contaminants that undermine the durability of your graphene ceramic spray or coating. Our shampoo meticulously cleanses and conditions, preserving the color of the surface while never leaving a residue or drying out plastics or clear coats.


High Suds, Professional-Grade Formula

Designed for use in foam cannons, foam guns, pump sprayers, wash buckets, or our favorite 'slip-n-slides', the ultra high-performance, concentrated formula of Slick Suds guarantees a luxurious and effective cleaning experience.


Dual Action – Cleans and Protects

More than just a cleaner, Slick Suds rejuvenates the surface of your ride. It adds a protective layer of Graphene Oxide, enhancing the life expectancy of exposed surfaces with its self-cleaning properties. The formula effectively tackles dirt, dust, bird droppings, and other elements that can wear down and dull finishes.


Enhanced Lubricity for Ultimate Protection

Dive into the world of gentle yet effective cleaning with our specially crafted formula. It's a lubricant powerhouse that respects and conditions all surfaces. Experience the richness of high-foaming action coupled with unparalleled slickness, formulated to ward off any wash-induced marring. Not just a cleaner, it’s a guardian for everything you wash.


What Makes Slick Suds the Ultimate Car Shampoo?

  • Graphene Oxide Infusion: Provides unparalleled protection and hydrophobic properties.
  • High Suds Formula: Perfect for foam cannons, foam guns, and more.
  • Dual Action: Cleans and protects, adding a layer of Graphene Oxide.
  • Enhanced Lubricity: Ensures gentle and effective cleaning, protecting all surfaces from wash-induced marring.


Slick Suds is perfect for anyone looking to keep their surfaces pristine and protected. From cars and trucks to UTVs and boats, Slick Suds ensures your ride looks amazing and stays that way!

Our Philosophy

At Lithium we never look at the cost of an ingredient or scrutinize if something can be made cheaper. Our focus has always been on quality results and keeping surfaces healthy.


We 100% stand behind everything we sell. If you're not fully satisfied we will make it right.

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