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Graphene Trim & Plastic Restoration Kit (A.K.A. Trim Cubes)


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Graphene Trim Cubes:

Lithium Graphene Trim Cubes are a huge leap forward in the science of restoring and bringing plastics back to life. This product will bring back the rich deep color of the plastic while leaving a protective shield of our Graphene trim coating that will last for years (yes we said years;) But wait it gets even better! The way you apply this product is almost as fantastic as the Graphene itself. 

We have impregnated specially made sponge applicators with Graphene, providing you with complete control, making the process incredibly fast and easy. The Graphene trim coating kit comes with everything you need to do every piece of trim on your entire care in just minutes. 

Takes Minutes - Last Years! 

Seems like a great trade-off to us, yet it is sort of sad in a way because we know once you try our Graphene Trim Cubes you will never need us again, when it comes to plastic care- we will sorely miss you! However, just knowing you are happy and your car looks incredible is satisfaction enough for us. 

The Lithium Graphene Trim Cube Kit Includes: 
Comes with everything you need to make plastic trim healthy, protected, and looking like the factory had intended- A DEEP RICH, SHINE FREE BLACK. The kit will allow you to do two cars. This system is the EASIEST way there is, to restore your plastic. Total control, zero mistakes, perfect results. Each Kit comes complete, with 4 Graphene pre-impregnated sponges, a bottle of pre-cleaner prep, and two sets of gloves. You will want for nothing but someone to show your car to.
The Premise of Graphene Trim Cubes:
Incorporate one of the strongest substances in nature (Graphene) in a formula that conditions, restores and protects plastic for 250 washes. Is fully controlled and super easy to apply. 
This Products Super Power:
We argued for a long time if "being extremely low maintenance and easy to work with" was a super power. The answer was "Hell ya it is" most Super Heroes are manic prima donnas.  Who doesn't want to work with one that just keeps quiet and does a better job than anyone?
Bullet Points.
  • Last for 250 washes.
  • Designed for perfect results every time.
  • Easy to use complete kit.
  • each kit will restore 2 cars.
Years in the Making: 
We are very particular about the products we launch. If they don't make us giddy as school girls, we move on. This can be enormously frustrating and costly at times, however, we have never thought there was a product or an idea that was worth more than this company's reputation - for making the best-detailing products in the world. This product has taken years to get right and we are super proud of it. But we are even more excited to share it with you- our people.. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Graphene trim & plastic restoration kit.

Very easy to use. Make sure surface is dry and clean. It has held up after a couple of rain storms. Very happy with it so far. Seems like it will hold up for a long while.

Jeremy Pennington
Wow! Great product

I followed the simple directions on the package and the final results were impressive. My faded trim work is looking brand new again.

John Welch
Goes on well.

I can't review the longevity of this product, which is the most important aspect - ask me in a couple of years. But it goes on as described, and the plastic trim on my 80's car looks good. The small bottle of cleaner included is of little use; luckily they suggest the best prep, namely isopropyl alcohol, probably in every house. You want it not only to clean but to remove any plasticizer present.

Luis Chuck
It actually works!!

It's a good product. Gonna buy another (

Joshua Silva
Too expensive for amount but good quality

Too small of amount for 40$ but worked well