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Trim Serum


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Trim Restorer & Protectant



Formulated to reverse the effects of exposure to the elements, Trim Serum penetrates and seals all trim surfaces. The result is a rubber and plastic trim that looks new and stays that way. Doesn’t shine or look greasy – simply makes trim look the way it looked when it was brand new.

How Long Does Trim Serum Trim Protectant Last?

Here is the thing: we never formulate a product in the "proverbial vacuum" we first try every brand out there to see what benchmarks we have to surpass. What we found is, there are some slightly embellished claims out there. NO TRIM PROTECTANT PRODUCT WILL LAST FOREVER OR EVEN YEARS. There are simply too many environmental issues that come into play that any trim restorer and protectant can last that long.

However, Trim Serum will outlook and outlast anything on the market, we guarantee it. If we are wrong, we will promptly break off one of our windshield wipers and mail it to you. Sort of like Vincent Van Gogh did - but far less painful.  

  • Penetrates plastics and rubber making them look new
  • Highly concentrated ingredients are never cut or watered down
  • Instantly transforms weathered and oxidized rubber and plastic
  • Keeps rubber and plastic from drying out, cracking, and oxidizing

The Premise of Trim Serum Trim Restorer & Protectant:

Make a trim and plastic product that penetrates the pores of polymers, is non-greasy, and makes surfaces look new- NOT SHINY. 

This Products Super Power:

Trim Serum replaces the vital elements that plastics start to lose the minute they come out of the womb (or in this case the mold) Keeps plastic a deep rich black while protecting it from harmful U.V. Rays.

What to Expect from Trim Serum Protectant & Restorer

Our trim protectant and restorer will make the nastiest of plastics look new again and will reasonably last for several months- about 20 washes. Will stack nicely after curing and will make you considerably more attractive to the opposite sex.  It is a perfect rubber and vinyl trim protectant for detailers, body shops, weekend warriors, anal car owners, or car dealerships that are trying to breathe life into a trade-in. Every 16-ounce bottle of Trim Serum will treat many vehicles and it will help extend the life of any rubber or vinyl you are trying to protect. Not sure about it, order today and we guarantee you will like it, or still not sold... See what the pros say at Apex Detail.



Customer Reviews

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Lithium trim serum

Lithium trim serum is very easy to use and works even better than advertised. I am a big fan of this product and the company.

I have not received items ordered.

I wish I could try it

very shiny

I purchased this to see if it was better than what I normally use. I treated the plastic on my on 2013 Rubicon (garage kept) so already in very good shape. It works quite well as far as returning plastic to a deep rich black color. It also only takes a very small amount to cover a lot of area. It makes the plastic very shiny as apposed to just returning it back to the factory matte color the plastic was originally. If you are looking for that shine then this is the product for you.
I however would prefer restoration in a matte finish. I also thought I could maybe use it for the interior trim but the shine would certainly cause excessive glare from the plastic dash to appear on the inside of the windshield. This is why there are a lot of products that restore but leave a matte of factory looking finish.
It also seems to attract a lot of dust after treatment, which would indicate that it lacks the anti static properties of the product that I normally use. All in all I am not completely dissatisfied with the product, but probably will not be buying more of this. I am eager to try their other products though.

Awesome Stuff!

Great products and great customer services! I’m a happy customer. Will buy again.



Oh Wow

I tried this product on my daughters 2005 honda CRV EX. It was amazing. The best that we have tried for getting that black plastic new looking again.