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Seal and Squeal


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Ceramic Paint Sealant & Polish

If we had to choose only one product - Seal and Squeal ceramic paint sealant would be it!

Formulated around a foundation of Si02 and Active Amino Polymers, Seal and Squeal bonds to paint surfaces – almost to the point of being needy and weird. It’s one sealant that lasts and lasts. In fact, one application will reasonably last up to 6 months!

However, this is Lithium, and we demand more from our products than the average company-far more! With that being our goal, we added in some mild polishing agents that feed on oxidation and bring a level of shine that makes other sealants stand there and blush (that is if they had legs, which they don't :)

Why Seal and Squeal Si02 Sealant & Polish is So Good

  • Seal and Squeal gobbles up oxidation and adds shine to surfaces like no other.
  • Transforms and protects better than any paint sealant product we’ve ever used.
  • Cuts through oxidation and “dead” paint like butter.
  • Si02 mashed together with Amino Polymers will withstand lots of abuse.
  • Highly slick and Hydrophobic – lasts for months.

The Premise of Our Ceramic Paint Sealant:

A sealant that not only protects like a pissed off German Shepard - but adds a level of shine that has crashed many a gloss meter. 

This Products Super Power is Ease of Use & Durability:

Seal and Squeal was formulated to seal and protect all painted surfaces. Cause your neighbors to squirm with envy, all while making you look slimmer and more attractive.

What should you expect from Seal and Squeal: 

Seal and Squeal ceramic liquid sealant will last for up to 6 months in the harshest environments and even longer in milder climates. It will also lightly polish away dullness and remove light oxidation, then shine like the sun. It is perfect for bringing old paint back to life, without hours of work. 

Paint Sealants Vs Car Wax

We are constantly asked, "what type of product should I use as a base coat - to best protect my car?"  Well, you may be one of those people who hates having questions being answered by “questions”. However, in this case, you will need to do some self-reflection to determine which way to go. Here are the circumstances where we feel a paint Sealant, such as Seal and Squeal Ceramic Paint Sealant would be a better option than a ceramic coating.  Car wax is great for long-lasting shine and protection but only if your car's paint has been clay barred and polished first. It is great to wax a car but a paint sealant serves a different purpose. It creates a shine and protection while a carnauba wax or synthetic wax enhances it.

Using a Paint Sealant on Older Cars 

If your car is several years old, chances are its paint has been getting attacked daily by U.V. rays, salt, rocks, and a menagerie of other pollutants, all conspiring to make your paint age. Putting a ceramic spray coating on surfaces like this, usually just accentuates the paint's imperfections and causes the car to look great in some areas and worse in others. Ceramic paint sealants, on the other hand, contain polymers and other protections, some mild polishing agents as well. These ceramic polishes will help exfoliate oxidation and help fill minor imperfections on your vehicle’s paint. While Seal and Squeal is a great paint sealant, it is also a very good ceramic polish that is easy to use. Being that it is also a light ceramic polish it can be had rubbed or even applied by a machine. This light ceramic polish will bring back dead or dull-looking pant and then add a layer of ceramic sealant to help keep that shine glowing for months.

When Should You Use a Paint Sealant 

If you simply don't have the time to do some paint correcting such as clay barring or some compounding, then a ceramic paint sealant and polish is a much better option. Now don't get us wrong, we always recommend you take a few extra minutes and clay bar your paint before putting any kind of ceramic spray coating over it. Our clay bar kit includes a high-quality clay medium and ceramic clay lubricant that removes tons of embedded materials and contaminants. However, if clay barring is not an option for you the worst thing you could do is spray on or apply a ceramic coating over the top of rough contaminated paint. That would paramount to lacquering over dust when painting a table. Paint sealants are easier to remove and will actually help remove some of these contaminants. 

Paint Sealants Work Great on a Show Car or Garage Queen

When you are looking for unprecedented shine and hey "working on your car makes you happy" then a ceramic paint sealant is definitely the way to go. And if you are an overachiever you can get some extra credit points for topping the sealant off with a good coat of Carnauba wax.  Combining Seal and Squeal with our Gloss Sauce Carnauba wax will make your car shine like no other!

Paint Sealants for Single Stage Paint 

As we mentioned, if you are going to use ceramic spray or coating you need to color correct as well and we will tell you most single stage paints are pretty thin and you had better tread lightly when hitting them with compounds and buffers. Single Stage paints are also very susceptible to oxidation, which a good sealant will remove. So we would definitely suggest going the sealant route here. 

We hope these guidelines will help you in choosing the direction you want to go. However, also remember "objectively" there is no right or wrong answer - any of the options will protect and help your paint look fantastic. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
larry t morrison

Seal and Squeal

Laura Watson

Super easy to apply and leaves an AWESOME shine!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Wonderful beading!

I waited until a good rain to leave this review. The beading with Seal and Squeal is wonderful! I am impressed! Hoping it holds up as advertised.

Marcy Austin
Has The Formula Changed? A Bit Disappointed

I have used Seal and Squeal for the last two years as the exclusive sealer for my vehicles because it is a superior product among all of the others on the market. This new bottle I received a few weeks ago had a very watery consistency compared to the other bottles I received. I purchase new bottles each year to avoid any issues with product degradation. The car (Lexus ES350) was prepped using my usual methods (double wash, chemical and spot manual decontamination) and the sealer was applied. After the first coat, I applied another coat two days later. There was no noticeable gloss or deep reflective shine that this product typically provides. The paint looks like I used any other sealer/polish that’s already available on the market. This is disappointing since this is not a cheap product and I don’t expect it to be as I paid for quality but did not receive it. I am disappointed but hopefully the next batch will be better. I don’t like leaving negative reviews but a request to review the product was emailed to me and perhaps quality control can investigate what happened.

Shelly Pittman
Seal and Squeal and Trim Serum

Love both products. Seal and squeal so easy to use and all the shine. Trim Serum took some work, I have a lot of black trim on my Rubicon but, all the results are amazing. You get what you pay for and I will use it again and again. Trying Color Crush this week.