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Gloss Sauce


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Liquid Carnauba Wax fused with Polymers.

Take a little bit from everything we have learned over the past 20 years, mash it into a 16-ounce bottle, and extraordinary things are bound to happen. That's right, from the day we first started formulating and mixing products in the back of our shop, we have always envisioned a product like Gloss Sauce.

What is Gloss Sauce Liquid Carnauba Wax?

A mixture of technology and nature, with the best both, to offer to come together to transform and renew.  We combined a mind-bending combination of light-vectoring ingredients – they enhance paint better than anything on the planet – with ultra-pure T-1 Carnauba waxes – they make your paint look a mile thick – and then added Curable Amino Functional Polymers – they take durability to crazy levels.

  • Finest T-1 Carnauba Waxes, fused with Curable Amino Functional Polymers
  • Polymers enable Gloss Sauce to adhere to the high spots on the paint surface
  • Fills in crevasses, flattening the surface, for incredible light reflection
  • Insanely easy to apply and remove
  • The Best Polish/ Wax/ Polymer/Whatever you will ever use, period

The premise of Gloss Sauce Liquid Carnauba Wax:

Combine the warmth and shine of Carnauba with the durability of Polymers to make your car glow at a car show, in your driveway, making your neighbors seethe with jealousy. We loved the look of Carnauba and the way it refracts light. However, we wanted it to last forever.. Well we fell a bit short on 'forever' but we were able to achieve 4 to 6 months. Yes, that is a long way from 'forever' but when you see the light dancing off your car - time will seem to slow down.  

This Products Super Power is High Gloss and Shine:

It provides a show-quality luster that laughs at the elements and who doesn't want a Super Hero that can fuse organic and inorganic element with a simple microfiber. Now that's power.

Expectations of Gloss Sauce Carnauba Wax: 
  • A deep luxurious shine that will last for months.
  • Easy to apply and buff off without wearing your arm out


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
joseph yancey
Absolutely awesome

Went on as advertised and came off just as easy. Brilliant shine and very satisfied customers.

E Roberts
Great product

This does as promised and is a great product,

Benjamin L Powell
Amazing!! Worth every penny!

Amazing wax! This is my absolute new go to wax for my car. I prefer this over my old go to carnuba wax (P21S). Didn't whiten plastic if it's accidentally get on so that's a huge deal for me! Only down side I'd say is that I find I use more of it to cover my car than I'd like buutt small price to pay for the results. Amazing product you'll definitely be happy with.

Glossy Gloss Sauce

Another fine Carnauba product, as this helped prepare the surface for an application of Color Crush and Ignite After Wash. Applies without any annoying dust.

Joseph Lattanzi
Owner of godfather detailing service

I am going to try you stuff ok